* Best Interior Guest House_ bronze COMMERCIAL INTERIORS awards 2019

Commercial Project

The name The Frogs Guest House came from the ancient comedy "Frogs" by Aristophanes in a smart match with Aristophanous Street in the area of ​​Psyrri, where the hostel is located. The first floor was 70 sq. meters and was divided into two rooms; one triple room and one double room. The second floor of 32 sq. meters is the suite overlooking the Acropolis. 

In the triple room we decided to use pastel shades, symbols, prints and materials that remind us both discreetly as well as distinctly of Greece. The wallpaper on the wall behind the bed is a vinyl, which resembles a fabric with a weave of linen and silk. The cushions in the armchairs, as well as the carpet, are from the Elitis Company. Under the same aesthetics, the headboard of the bed is made of linen and cotton knitted by hand.


The romanwith prints by Jim Thompson from the series No9 is Greek-inspired fabric, reconstructed in watercolor to give a fluidity that works well with petroplated linen. In the bathroom, the floor tiles follow the neoclassical style of the building and combined with the elephant gray hue, create a contemporary aesthetics.

In the double room, the same color tones and combinations continue, except that the green of the olive has been replaced with the tint of plum. The choice of the decorative pillows of the bed and runner are on the same color palette, inspired by the Greek tradition. In the bathroom were used tiles that resemble marble and wood in a special combination. The stone wash basin contrasts with the linearity of the space, giving a dramatic effect. This feeling is also enhanced by black batteries.

For the suite located in the neoclassic attic, the v.michelis decorative office was inspired entirely by the two posters of Yiannis Tsarouchis, which are the favorite ones of the owner and placed in a prominent position in the master room. The suite consists of the master room, the living room, the WC and the veranda. The shade of lemon yellow dominates the entire ceiling of the suite, creating a pleasant tension. The master room is the smallest room in the building, so it was decorated with a star-shaped mirror on the right-hand side, giving a larger dimension to the space. The striking knit headboard in the twine color brings distinctively a Mediterranean "breeze" in the space.

Opening the curtains in the living room, which are beautiful in filtering attic light, we are on the veranda that works in a special way as a continuation of the interior but also as an escape from the urban landscape. The knitted hammock, the white armchairs, the throws and the wall-mounted sofa give a sense of elegant recreation stemming from the eternal elegant Greek summer.