* Best Private Residence _ bronze COMMERCIAL INTERIORS awards 2020

Residential Project

Detached house in Panorama Voulas



For the interior design studio v.michelis, the renewal of the premises of the house of the businessman and TV presenter Nikos Koklonis, was a creative project of high standards. The trigger for the decoration of the house of 640 m2, came from the contact of the owner with various cultures that he has visited as a presenter, in the context of the TV show of CELEBRITY TRAVEL on OPEN TV.



At first glance, the cosmopolitan mood that represents the owner is obvious. Everywhere, objects-memories from his travels find their place next to custom made pieces that were specially designed by Evangelos Michelis. In the impressive dining room, the wallpaper with images of nomads and the signature of Manuel Canovas contrasts with the interwar urban Greek table, the porcelain statuettes from China and other decorative elements.


Respectively, the TV room has a British mood, with the leather Chesterfield sofas being ideally combined with details such as the velvet pillows and the curtains of Designers Guild. An important part of the decoration is the combination of Osborne & Little wallpapers that have been lined with walls and ceiling. The way of presenting the portrait of the owner, created by the artist Nikos Tsiaparas, is inspired in part by the presentation of the exhibits of the Benaki Museum - Islamic Art.


In the kitchen, the core is given by the impressive wallpaper of Manuel Canovas with British references, while the chandelier was designed by the interior design studio v.michelis to complete this mood.


The tea room in the guest room is inspired by the winter gardens, the indoor gardens-greenhouses of chic British and French homes. Here, the comfortable sofas with English wallpaper speak of moments of relaxation, while the airy curtains filter out the intense Attic light, creating an oasis of decompression and well-being.


Moving on to the master room, the sense of inspired mix ‘n’ match becomes even more intense. Evangelos Michelis combined elements from Indian palaces and filtered them through a modern aesthetic approach to create a strongly experiential space, covering the customer's needs through emotional decoration. Matthew Williamson's wallpaper runs from the wall to the ceiling, reminiscent of ornate Indian wood carvings. The bed is custom made, and the lights were made by Kostis Lighting. On the opposite wall, the artwork is a silk handkerchief designed by visual artist Socrates for Hermès.

Externally, on the veranda of the master room, the inspiration comes from marble furniture of antiquity with the application of custom made furniture of the company SOLO that resemble marble, since the interior designer wanted to give the veranda a Greekness that escapes, however, from the margins of folklore .


In the pool house the style is clearly neo-colonial with strong details from the ‘60s. Versace's fer forge chairs and tropical prints go perfectly together, projecting the customer's aesthetics through emotional decoration and forming the overall picture associated with Mr Travel  Koklonis' travels.