* Best Exhibition Stand _ bronze COMMERCIAL INTERIORS awards 2020

Commercial Project

Looking to promote the new Flower Care service, which provides daily business spaces and homes with fresh flowers, Harmantas FloralCreations has turned to interior design studio v.michelis for the design of a 25 m2 square meter stand at the Xenia 2018 exhibition.

For interior designer Evangelos Michelis, the layout of the stand was based on three pillars: the flower arrangements, created especially for the exhibition by Harmantas Floral Creations, for the need to clearly delineate the pavilion from the surrounding area - given that it was located at the same level as the corridors of the exhibition center - and finally, the demand for a dialogue between plants and space and, by extension, human / customer in order to better understand the Flower Care service.

The initial goal in shaping the exhibition stand was to integrate and highlight the flower arrangements - large and small - that Harmantas Floral Creations had already prepared. Thus, the interior design studio v.michelis and Evangelos Michelis personally, essentially "built" the interior of the kiosk according to the flowers. As a result, the color palette chosen complements that of the floral compositions. For example, the artwork on the couch is actually a wall covering made of organic material (silk and bamboo fibers) by Elitis, while the smallest painting depicting a flower by the artist Nikos Tsiaparas was chosen to be a commentary on the relationship virtual and real, with the aim of a continuous dialogue between color relations. At the same time, the simple but eclectic furniture and objects that compose the stand, maintain a secondary role, letting the impressive plants shine as protagonists.

At the same time, the need to differentiate the stand both aesthetically and conceptually, in order to stand out from the rest of the exhibition space, required the use of a specific design that gave a sense of freshness and tranquility to the visitor of the Metropolitan Expo. To achieve this goal, Evangelos Michelis was informed in advance about the color of the exhibition center's carpet and finally decided to delimit the Harmantas Floral Creation stand with a mat resembling a rug, as well as a corner composition of rare orchids and twigs, which in combination with two vintage decorations create an informal oasis in the chaotic environment of an international exhibition.

Finally, the choice of decorative elements was made with the aim of the result reminding us of a hotel lobby. Thus, both the varied vintage furniture and objects as well as the natural autumn tones in conjunction with the rose antique wallpaper of Colefax & Fowler and the mix ‘n’match pillows with the signature Elitis, serve their purpose perfectly. As for the lighting study, it was set up entirely around the flower arrangements, giving an almost theatrical dimension to the stand, enhancing the dialogue between the flowers and the space. Therefore, the pavilion is transformed into a setting that promotes the Flower Care service on two different levels: through the emotional relationship created with the interior design and through the relationship that develops in the triangle space-flowers-man.